Body by Vi Challenge: Day 1

So in my quest to become healthy, which includes being a healthy weight, I have joined the Body by Vi challenge. And to keep myself on track, I’m hoping to keep blogging about it as well.

Today went rather well. Because of an interrupted nights sleep, hubby needed to sleep in before heading off to his evening shift, so I had limited time to run to the gym. But I did it anyways… I ran/jogged on the eliptical for 15 minutes, then after my cool down did some situps and stretching. My plan this week is to go every other day to the gym for eliptical/bike and sit ups… next week I will add weights back in and go to Zumba again. It’s been difficult with the kids sick because I can’t take them to the babysitting service there. But yesterday hubby insisted that it was important for me to get going to the gym and he would look after the kids if needed. So today I went.

I had 2 shakes today, and approved snacks. The only bad thing I did was a couple bites of the treats that Grampa had to bring over for the kids. But I did not eat the whole cinnamon bun or chocolate muffin or strawberry strudel like I would have previously, I only sampled. 🙂 Baby steps, right?

I currently weigh 170 ( I was probably 175 at Christmas) and I’m working to get back down to 130 or so. I may end up being 135 if I am building muscle as well, since I never actually had muscle in my before babies body.

So here we go!

By the way, if anyone is interested in Body by Vi, here is a link.




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