“As kids say it…”

I love all the adorable sayings from my daughter (Alex can’t talk yet…) so this will be my documentation of them. To be edited as needed.

January 2013

Sarah: mom, sometimes I do wrong things but that’s just an accident. It happens when I have a bad day.

Me: Sarah! what are you doing on the table??
Sarah: It’s ok mom, I’m just showing Alex what he can’t do, because it’s not safe, he might fall off and bonk his head.

December 2012

Trying to get ready for bed but who gave this child 20 stuffed animals anyway! They all have to have their own bed, pillow and blanket before Sarah will go to bed. “But mom, you don’t put your kids in a toybox for the night!”

September 2012:

Sarah today called me to look out the window at the leaves falling from the trees. “Mommy LOOK at the leaves on the ground! You know what that means?”
Me: its autumn now?
Sarah “No mommy, its almost (insert super excited high-pitched squeal) CHRISTMAS!!!!”
The things they remember…

Sarah has her future all planned out: “when I get big, I’m going to have a pink house, a pink car, a pink truck and a pink motorbike and I’ll drink pink lemonade because I LOVE pink!” When I asked why she needed a car and a truck she said “when my daddy (she means husband) takes the car to work, I will drive the truck and when the truck is broken in the motor and makes funny noises I will drive the motorbike.”

April 2012

Alex is walking around today. All around the living room/dining room/kitchen area, and SOOOO proud of himself!! I’m not sure who’s more excited, Alex or Sarah, who keeps dancing around and hugging and kissing Alex while exclaiming “Alex, You’re getting SOOO BIG!!”

March 2012

Me: Sarah, why are you humming?
Sarah: I have a song bonking around in my head so I have to hum it out.



  1. Ivan

    Haha, that’s my girl. Love you Sarah.

  2. Adorable- put these in a book someday, too! I saw someone do it on pinterest. I’ll find the link for you! I can’t wait for Chayton to start talking!

    • My sister in law gave me a “kid quotes” journal… I have to find it after the move. Kids can be so entertaining! 🙂

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